Annette worked with staff, students and Governing Council to design a fresh, vibrant and original front grounds area that incorporated the schools focus on Nature Play, creating areas of interest and enjoyment for students that they would love to be immersed in and a front garden design that would make a positive statement about our school.  Working with Annette was a pleasure and she was able to bring numerous new ideas, materials and layouts that won approval from all stakeholders.  We look foward to putting Annette’s plans and vision into reality creating a wonderful asset for out school. – Mark Vincent, Clare Primary School


The conditions here are really tough.  The soil is clay, it’s incredibly hot, we get frosts and water costs a fortune.  I needed some advice on how to improve my soil and save money on my water bills.  I needed some shade trees.  I saved a lot of time and money and going outside in my garden is now a pleasure. – G. Hamson


Our backyard is more of a courtyard and the front is a small space too but it’s big enough for a bit of colour and to complement our home.  I wanted to make our courtyard an entertainers delight.  Annette and I worked out some great ideas and now I’m ready for all my family and friends.  – Jane Kilgariff


Growing my own food is fabulous.  At dinner time I pop outside to pick my salad and when I cook my favourite dishes I’ve got the fresh herbs to flavour just outside my door! – Lisa Mitchel


I’ve got 1.5 acres and when I first bought my house I bought heaps of beautiful plants and trees but they weren’t the right varieties for the conditions here so most of them died – It cost me $1,000s!!  Annette offers a great service and wrote a report for me on how to improve my soil and water my garden correctly.  She did a suitable plant list for me, got me a great price and delivered them!  I still give her a ring and ask for advice when I want to do further improvements.  – Janice Colson